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 The following article will shed some light on the various myths and facts surrounding the art of Hypnosis.

One: A hypnotist has the ability to completely assume control over a persons' mind.

Perhaps this is one of the most widespread myths related to hypnosis. This myth is not even overtly exaggerating; it is completely false. Hypnosis is essentially about regaining control over one's mind through practice. Self-control thus achieved is employed to make the mind stronger. No hypnosis will try to control and dictate what your mind should do. Very simply, no hypnotist has the power to control your mind unless you truly permit it to happen. The hypnotist will only make positive suggestions that may or may not be accepted by you. The subconscious mind will always refuse to accept suggestions it does not want to.

Two: Once hypnotized a person will be made to do silly and embarrassing things such as dancing, singing, "sitting without a chair", etc.

This is another popular myth regarding hypnosis. Very seriously, your hypnotist is not some silly jester who wants to make you do things mentioned above. You will see things like these being done by people under hypnosis in live hypnosis performances, and that is the only place they happen. Practically, the purpose of hypnotherapy is not entertainment. Hypnosis is used for far more serious purposes, and the most important of these is mind improvement and stronger will power that is substantiated by a stable mind, replete with unwavering self belief. Before you commence a hypnosis session, your hypnotist will give you a complete idea of the course of events to occur, and this will never include activities mentioned above.

Three: Hypnosis is some sort of magic, rather based on "faith"

This myth is quite popular. Perhaps most people actually like to believe in "magic". However, there is no magic associated with hypnotism and nor is it based on a "faith" that has no rationalism. Hypnosis is possible, and we can see the results. If you talk to a few people around you who actually have some real time experience related to hypnotism, you will be surprised at how pleasantly beneficial the results are. No magic here either. Hypnosis is positive conditioning of the human mind towards more self-belief, self-understanding, and most importantly a strong will power.

Your hypnotist is not some supernatural being with extraordinary powers. He's human, just like you and me, and his art is to condition the human mind through positive suggestions making things better for you.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com